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Glass Storage Racks

Glass Storage Racks

Store your stemware in convenient hanging rack that can be mounted in almost any bar. We also carry other handy ways for your bar to store mugs and other glasses that will free up much needed bar space.

glass hanger, wine rack, glass storage, stemware

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  • Wire Glass Hanger- Single Row

    Wire Glass Hangers

    Hang all your stemware out of the way, but easily within arms reach fo...
  • Glass Hangers

    Glass Hangers

    Save valuable shelf space with these quality brass plated, chrome plat...
  • Wood Mug Rack

    Wood Mug Rack

    Stop wasting precious Bar space, and stack mugs up on this handy rack ...
  • Brass Glass Hanger Racks

    Brass Glass Hanger Racks

    Brass Glass Hanger Racks are a great addition for your bar, nightclub,...
  • Glass Rack - Walnut 13X35

    Glass Rack - Walnut 13X35

    Lend an air of old-world class to your bar with this wooden glass rack...

5 Item(s)

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