Telephone and Address

Toll-Free: 1-800 Bloody Mary (256-6396)
Local: (727)584-2093
Mon. thru Fri. 9AM to 5PM EST

Click here to submit a support ticket.

Corporate Offices
1990 Lake Avenue SE
Largo, Florida, USA 33771

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Bar Magic

Bar Magic

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  • “Bar Magic” – Magic Folding Quarter

    “Bar Magic” – Magic Folding Quarter

    Looking for a way to add some magic to your day? This magical folding...
  • “Bar Magic” – Invisible Card Decks - BLUE
    From: $9.95

    “Bar Magic” – Invisible Card Decks

    You’ve seen this amazing magic trick preformed numerous times before o...
  • “Bar Magic” – CARD TOON 1 – Magic Card Deck

    “Bar Magic” – CARD TOON 1 – Magic Card Deck

    Card Toon magic cards are a really cool deck of playing cards that let...
  • Dean Serneels - Magic Kits
    From: $39.95

    Dean Serneels Bar Magic Kits

    Show some magic behind your bar with some help from Dean Serneels... t...
  • “Bar Magic” – Magic Thumb Tip
    From: $2.49

    “Bar Magic” – Magic Thumb Tip

    This implausibly imperative tool has been the hidden factor behind som...
  • “Bar Magic” – CARD TOON 2 – Magic Card Deck

    “Bar Magic” – CARD TOON 2 – Magic Card Deck

    This deck is the second installment of a really fun magic trick for no...

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