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Wine Accessories

Wine Accessories

Wine Opener Sets, Bottle Storage Boxes, Chillers, Pourers, Savers, and More!

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  1. Engraved Wine Cork Shadow Box - 500

    Shadow Box - Engraved Wine Cork - Several Designs

    Wine Cork Shadow Boxes are a uniquely creative way to showcase the corks of your favorite wines, all the while giving your home decor an elegant edge. Place these boxes on shelving or counters in your kitchen, living room, recreation room or anywhere it fits your lifestyle. They are also designed to easily hang on walls. Choose from several white etched plate designs that decorate the clear glass face of the box. Top of the box easily slides open, making it convenient to add your corks as you go. These shadow boxes are not only a great conversation piece, but also a beautiful collection of memories. Learn More
  2. Corkcicle Air

    Corkcicle® Air - Wine Chiller, Aerator, and Pourer

    The Corkcicle® Air is great for all occasions including parties or dinners and also makes the perfect gift for a wine enthusiast close to you. This 3-in-1 tool keeps your wine chilled and aerates instantly as you pour. It aerates the wine as it is poured instantly deepening the flavor and includes a removable cap so you can pour right from the bottle without needing to remove the apparatus from the bottle. The Corkcicle® Air also features a stainless steel body that keeps white wines cold and chills room temperature reds to the proper cellar temperature. Learn More
  3. Fineline Plastic Wine Carafe - 7.5 oz

    Fineline Plastic Wine Carafe

    The Fineline Plastic Wine Carafes are the perfect disposable way to serve wine by the glass with the additional "upsell" for an extra pour! Simply accompany your wine pour with this 7.5 ounce wine carafe and your guests will love having the extra amount to pour themselves. Not just for wine, you can also use the small carafes for juices or mixed drinks. The plastic wine carafes are meant to be disposable but sturdy enough for quick service in any environment. Once the event is over you can easily dispose of them which makes for quick clean up.

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  4. glass sangria mini pitcher 20 ounce

    20oz Mini Pitcher

    The 20oz mini pitcher is great for single serve portions of cocktails for your guests. This mini pitcher is the perfect way for serving sangria to your customers as it is compact and beautifully sleek! The wide base helps avoid accidental spills and sits firmly on bar and table tops. This pitcher features a sleek glass design that is strong and durable. Your customers will thank you for the perfect pitcher of sangria and are sure to come back for more! Learn More
  5. wine-pourer-neck-hanger-bottle

    Drop Stop® Wine Pourer with Neck Hanger

    This Drop Stop® Wine Pourer includes a neck hanger to show the wine pourer on the wine bottle. This wine pourer is easy to use; just tare the circular wine pourer along the perforated edge to detach it from the neck hanger and roll the flat circular piece into a cylinder to insert into the neck of the wine bottle. The flexible material will create a snug fit and you will not longer have to worry about any more red wine stains! Learn More
  6. BarConic® Stainless Steel Wine Chiller Stick with Aerator and Stopper

    BarConic® Stainless Steel Wine Chiller Stick with Aerator and Stopper

    The BarConic® Stainless Steel Wine Chiller Stick with Aerator and Stopper is a versatile tool for chilling, aerating, pouring and storing your favorite wine. Never drink another sip of wine not chilled to perfection! Keep the chiller stick in the freezer until you are ready to use then open your wine and pour the first chilled glass or "tasting sip" to make room for the chiller stick. The aerator will work to infuse oxygen into the wine, releasing its aroma and enhancing its flavor. The pourer allows you to pour chilled glasses of wine without having to remove the chiller stick. Finally, the stopper allows you to stop and store the wine, keeping it fresh for up to a week.

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  7. copper aerating wine pourer

    Aerating Copper Pour Spout

    The Copper Pour Spout is the perfect gift for wine lovers and enthusiasts alike. It features a drip-free design as well as an internal air-blending helix that aerates the wine as it is being poured. Getting oxygen into the wine deepens flavor profiles and can in some cases change the way it tastes entirely. The drip-free design allows you to pour wine at your leisure without having to worry about drip stains. This pour spout also features a polished copper finish that gives it that elevated look and feel. Whether you are using this copper wine pourer in your business or at home to entertain your guests it is always the best option for a perfect pour! Learn More
  8. Decanter Cleaning Brush with soft polyester bristles and foam tip

    Decanter Cleaning Brush with soft polyester bristles and foam tip

    This Decanter Brush is a 17” long hand held brush that is great for cleaning all types of tall glasses, such as pilsner, wine decanters, wine carafes, vases, water bottles and more. This cleaning brush with soft polyester bristles and foam tip features a flexible wire stem allows you to easily bend this brush to fit inside any shape of glass, and it comes with a comfort grip with convenient slot to hook and hang free for easy drying and storage. Learn More
  9. copper-gold-plated-corkscrew-double-lever

    Gold and Copper Plated Corkscrew - Double Lever

    This gold and copper plated double lever corkscrew is essential to any waiter or bartender. The double lever design is also known as a waiter's corkscrew and is great for use in any bar or club setting because it's sleek design allows for quick and easy cork removal. Not only does this opener remove wine bottle corks but it also includes a foil cutter and can open beer bottles. The build is durable, long lasting and will make a wonderful addition to your tool set! Learn More
  10. Drop Stop® Wine Pourers - 2 Pack

    Drop Stop® Wine Pourers - Pack of 2

    Drop Stop® wine bottle pourers are becoming more and more popular! They have been designed to securely fit into the neck of any wine bottle while they prevent spills and drops during your wine service. No more red wine stains on your linens! The beautiful, mirror finish will also adds a touch of style to your wine bottle.

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