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Wine Bottle Openers

Wine Bottle Openers

Featuring one of the largest selections of corkscrews on the internet.

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  • Double Lever Corkscrew
    From: $2.94

    Waiter's Corkscrew - Stainless Steel

    Fits nicely in a pocket for quick convenient access!!! The Double L...
  • balena-plastic-corkscrew-p-163.html

    Balena™ Plastic Corkscrew

    The Balena™ corkscrew features an durable ABS plastic handle. Sp...
  • pulltex-extendo-wine-opener-500

    Pulltap's Extendo Corkscrew

    The Extendo Corkscrew is sure to revolutionize the way you uncork wine...
  • Corkscrew - Milan Rosewood

    Milan Rosewood Corkscrew

    The Milan™ is a slender corkscrew that has a sleek feminine appe...
  • Winegrape Corkscrew - Wine Opener

    Winegrape Corkscrew

    Every wine lover needs to own the slim bodied Winegrape corkscrew. The...
  • bs-travel-wine-opener-cs-248-500

    Travel Corkscrew Round

    The Travel Corkscrew is a light duty corkscrew, simple to use and fits...
  • Winged Style Wine Cockscrew

    Winged Corkscrew with Cap Lifter

    There is something about a winged corkscrew that brings a touch of sty...
  • Double Lever Corkscrew (Soft Grip)
    From: $2.49

    Double Lever Corkscrew (Soft Grip)

    The Double Lever corkscrew features a double lever boot system, serrat...
  • cs-rwss-800_2

    Stainless Steel and Rosewood Corkscrew

    This handsome corkscrew features solid stainless steel construction fr...
  • marble-capitano-waiters-wine-opener-500

    Capitano® Waiter's Corkscrew with Marble Handle

    Bartenders and servers will love using the Capitano® Waiter's Corkscre...
  • Corkscrew - Sorrento Silver

    Sorrento Silver Corkscrew

    The Sorrento™ Silver is as exceptional as the Sorrento™ Go...
  • cs-economy-style-bt-500

    Economy Corkscrew and Opener

    The Waiters corkscrew and opener has a black ABS plastic handle, which...
  • double-fin_open-500

    Double-Fin Corkscrew

    The Double-fin is a dual boot lever corkscrew that features a teflon c...
  • BarConic® Ah-So Cork Puller and Bottle Opener

    BarConic® Ah-So Cork Puller and Bottle Opener

    This BarConic® Ah-So Cork Puller and Bottle Opener is very easy to use...
  • cs-118-double-leer-wood-handle-500_1

    Double Lever Corkscrew with Wood Handle

    Designed with a beautiful dark wood inlay handle, this sleek and compa...
  • Piano Corkscrew

    Piano Corkscrew

    This elegant Piano Corkscrew is the perfect tool to give you plenty of...
  • Maroon Waiter's Corkscrew

    Maroon Waiter's Corkscrew

    The Double Lever Corkscrew features a double lever boot system. The bo...
  • cs-133-trieste-ssc-500_1

    Trieste Stainless Steel Corkscrew

    The Trieste™ corkscrew is constructed of high quality brushed st...
  • Animal Pattern Corkscrew
    From: $10.95

    Animal Pattern Corkscrew

    Bring out your wild side with this trendy waiter’s corkscrew. With Che...
  • Waiter's Friend Corkscrew
    From: $3.95

    Waiter's Friend Corkscrew

    The Waiter's Friend Corkscrew is an easy to use and ergonomically desi...
  • Corkscrew - Genova Rosewood

    Genova Corkscrew

    The Genova™ corkscrew is a high quality "T handle" style opener....
  • Magnetic Houdini™ Waiter's Corkscrew

    Houdini Waiter's Magnetic Corkscrew

    The preferred corkscrew by waiters and sommeliers for its ease of use ...
  • Corkscrew Holster

    Corkscrew Bag

    The easy way to keep your corkscrew close within easy grasp and you ca...
  • Economy Waiters Corkscrew
    From: $1.25

    Economy Waiters Corkscrew

    Traditional Design For A Great Price!!! Our Economy Waiters corkscr...
  • Double Lever Corkscrew with Champagne Gripper

    Double Lever Corkscrew with Champagne Gripper

    Whether you are feeling a nice night in with your favorite wine or a c...
  • Pulltex® Pulltap Evolution Deluxe Crystal Corkscrew

    Pulltex® Pulltap Evolution Deluxe Crystal Corkscrew

    The ladies will surely love the elegant Pulltex® Pulltap Evolution...
  • Corkscrew - Napoli Rosewood

    Napoli Rosewood Corkscrew

    The Napoli™ corkscrew features a rosewood handle that is contras...
  • USA Flag Wine Corkscrew

    USA Corkscrew

    It doesn’t have to be the fourth of July to rock the red, white, and b...
  • Corkscrew with Foil Cutter/Stand

    Corkscrew with Foil Cutter/Stand

    This Corkscrew with Foil Cutter and Stand is a lightweight and sleek w...
  • Ravenna Corkscrew (Soft Grip)
    From: $2.50

    Ravenna Corkscrew (Soft Grip)

    The Revenna Corkscrew features a soft grip rubber handle. The boot lev...
  • Wine and Beer Bottle Opener - Stainless Steel

    Regular Price: $3.95

    Sale Price: $2.45

    Wine and Beer Bottle Opener - Stainless Steel

    Two-Tools-in-One! This high quality stainless steel corkscrew features...
  • bs-capitano-waiters-wine-opener-cs-checker-500

    Capitano® Waiter's Corkscrew Checker Handle

    The Capitano® Waiter's Corkscrew with Checker Handle is ideal for ...
  • Corkscrew - Firenza

    Firenza Rosewood Corkscrew

    The Firenza™ Rosewood is a high quality stainless steel Corkscr...

Items 1 to 33 of 71 total

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