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Glass Rimmmer Guide

A simple, handy, and compact product, the Glass Rimmer (also known as a Salt Rimmer) is an indispensable tool for any bar. But its full potential can be easily overlooked. This short guide and video will cover the basics to help you decide which model and which salts and sugars might suit your needs best.

Basic Glass Rimmers

If you're looking for variety, our 3 Tier Glass Rimmers deliver!

Tiers of joy! We prefer to call these "Glass Rimmers" instead of Salt Rimmers because they can do much more than just salt your margaritas. All of our rimmers also fold up for neat, clean, and easy storage.

Two Tier Salt Rimmer

When you need the basic standby.

So commonly used for just lime juice and salt, we've labelled the tiers. This is the pinnacle tool to prepare margaritas. Just fill the sponge with lime juice (available in most grocery and liquor stores). We carry replacement sponges!

Three Tier Salt Rimmer

Great for salt plus an extra!

Similar to the Two Tier rimmer above, this model adds one more tier for adding sugar, flavored salt, or anything else you'd like to accompany salt. It's also available in a wide variety of colors.

Five Tier "Flower" Salt Rimmer

Diversity wins customers.

Check out the video above to see this one action! The extra tiers work for a variety of uses, including using both honey and lime juice as an "adhesive" as well as providing an array of rimming types and flavors.

Salt Rimmer Garnish Center

All-in-one bartending station.

We'd say there's no hiding just how much this Garnish Center can do, but hiding is just what it's made for! Five rimming tiers fold into the unit, which also has a main fruit station, detachable fruit container, and a detachable caddy for picks and straws!
Endless Colors and Flavors
Endless? Yes! We carry a large variety of flavored and colored salts and sugars to use on their own or combined to give your signature cocktails an even more original flavor. Did you know our company is the originator of the popular Mean Green Margarita Salt®?
How about serving Green Apple Sugar with an Appletini, Lemon Yellow Sugar with a Lemon Drop, or a variety of colored Salts for your specialty Margaritas? As soon as a customer orders one of these attention-getting drinks, others won't be able to resist. See our collection of colorful and flavorful rimming sugars and salts.

Check out our Mean Green Margarita Salt® page to watch an exclusive on the Food Network about this tasty, groundbreaking product!
Tips for Beginners
Starting a new bar? Upgrading your Glass Rimmer? Check out these tips!

Determine what you need.
This might sound obvious, but it's easy to be under-prepared and over-prepared. Not having enough rimmers or options can increase wait times and frustrate employees, while having too many unused rimming options available can waste product.

Practice makes perfect.
Obviously you have to rim the glass before mixing your drink, but you'll soon find out how easy it is to mess up a pretty edge of salt with sloppy pouring. Be careful, steady, and splash free.

Mix up your glassware
Just as it's getting more commonplace to see cocktail ("martini") glasses rimmed with sugar, there's an increase in rimmed drinks using standard tumblers, hurricane glasses, as well as smaller rocks and shooter glasses. (Shot of tequila anyone?)

Clean your rimmers!
While it might be tempting to store away your unused salts and sugars, the entire unit should be gently washed at the end of the day and between refilling. Don't forget replace those old lime sponges.

Nothing sticks like honey.
Lime juice will always be best for salt, and while it works for sugar, honey really compliments the sweetness. And if you're adding graham cracker crumbs or sprinkles to your dessert drinks, and coconut flakes to your pina coloadas, give honey a try! Delicious and practical.

Keep an eye on trends!
Specialty margaritas, fruity martinis, and dessert cocktails are getting so popular it's hard to find the basics on some menus. Providing a diverse selection of rimming accents is attractive and helps push your drinks into higher pricing tiers.

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