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Liquor Pourer Comparison Chart

All liquor pourers where fitted to a 1 Liter Bottle filled with water, and timed to test their flow strength. "Time" below is the amount of time it took to empty the bottle completely. (Time based on an average)

Picture Pourer Time
Bug Protection
Color Options

Price/single* Description
Snap Cap Liquor Pourer Snap Cap Liquor Pourer 52.23 sec $0.50 Leak resistant. Easy to use.
Cap-On™ Liquor Pourer Cap-On™ Liquor Pourer 57.24 sec     $0.07 Disposable and economical. Re-cap the bottle with the cap in. Perfect for top-shelf liquors.
Plastic Pourer Plastic Pourer 56.89 sec     $0.12 Variety of colors. Easy to clean.
Wiskey Pourer No Collar Whiskey N/C 47.53 sec     $0.25 Long neck for more accurate pours. Curved spout to reduce spillage.
Wiskey Pourer No Collar Whiskey Collared 47.53 sec   $0.30 Long neck for more accurate pours. Curved spout to reduce spillage. Collared for extra leakage protection.
Spill Stop 285-50 Spill Stop® 285-50 51.14 sec       $0.82 The pour that started a revolution. Consistant quality and pour speed. A standard for most world class bartending compititions. Made in the USA.
Spill Stop 285-50 304SS™ Stainless Steel Liquor Pourers 51.59 sec       $0.66 Super affordable liquor pourers styled after the Spill Stop® 285-50. Offers control, accuracy, and the most perfectly consistent pour speed every time. Stainless Steel construction.
Tapered Metal Pourer Prism™ Pourer/ Tapered Metal Pourer 50.09 sec     $0.66 Styled after the popular Spill Stop 285-50 (above). Standard pourer for many bars around the world. Economically priced.
Spill Stop 285-51 Spill Stop® 285-51 51.14 sec     $0.92 Same as Spill Stop 285-50 but with a collar. Prevents leaking. Made in the USA.
Spill Stop 285-60 Spill Stop® 285-60 51.14 sec       $1.52 Large diameter cork to fit an oversize bottle neck. Great to have on hand for bottles like Cuervo 1800, many European vodka bottles, and many 1.75 liter bottles.
Gold Tapered Gold Tapered 50.09 sec       $1.45 Add a touch of class to your top shelf drinks with our Gold Plated Tapered Metal Pourers.
Spill Stop 220-50 Spill Stop® 220-50 22.24 sec       $0.89 Wide spout for faster pourers. Great for high volume bartenders. Made in the USA.
Spill Stop 220-51 Spill Stop® 220-51 22.24 sec     $0.92 Same as Spill Stop® 220-50 but with an added collar. Made in the USA.
Jet Pourer Jet Pourer 21.92 sec       $0.75 Super fast pouring speed. Ideal for high volume establishments like Night Clubs.
Jet Pourer Curved Jet Pourer 21.92 sec       $0.75 Super fast pouring speed. Ideal for high volume establishments. Curve of pourer allows you to pour liquor at an angle.
Ambassador Pourer Ambassador 52.85 sec       $0.39 This chrome plated pourer features a longer nozzle, and larger hole for a faster than average pour speed.
Executive Pourer Executive 54.93 sec     $0.39 Short nozzeled pourer. Wide spout, and collar for additional leakage protection.
Square Screened Pourer Square Screened 51.95 sec $0.37 Best selling screened pourer on the market! High quality nylon screen and an attractive transparent plastic shell. Keeps bugs and debris out of liquor bottles.
Screened 220 Pourer Screened 220 72.04 sec     $0.99 Screened metal pourer. Keeps bugs and debris out of liquor bottle.
Screened Pourer Screened Pourer 73.55 sec   $0.72 Screened pourer. Keeps bugs and debris out of liquor bottle. Economically priced. Offered with or without collar.
Screened 220 Pourer Flop Top Liquor Pourer 41.00 sec   $0.25 High-Quality Plastic that will never break, crack, or wear. Clean, sanitary, and easy to use.
Flap Strap Pourer Flap Strap Pourer 51.57 sec $0.58 Accurate and smooth flowing motion. Quick flick opens and closes the cover for easy bug protection.
Slide Stop Liquor Pourer Slide Stop Liquor Pourer 51.57 sec $0.99 Pourer with easy to open and close cap built right into the pourer.
Tapered Pourer with Flap Tapered Pourer with Flap 59.91 sec     $0.99 Accurate pour similar to Spill-Stop® 285-50, but perfect for states that require pour spout protection. Flap moves automatically as liqour is poured from the bottle.
*Price/single* is based on the As Low As advertised price for an individual liquor pourer.

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