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Party Table Supply Planner

We know that planning a party can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it's hard to know about all the supplies you need until you're in the middle of the party and realize you don't have that corkscrew you needed. Below is our Party Table Planner that is helpful in visualizing all of the common bartending tools and supplies needed to keep the party flowing.


Other Suggestions:

Wine Accessories and Openers - Be sure to include wine in your drink selection to ensure everybody is covered.
Bar Books - Refresh yourself on some great drink recipes and bartending techniques with one of our books.
Bartending Videos - Not a pro behind the bar yet? The quickest way to get up to speed and feel comfortable behind the bar is to pick up a how-to bartending video. Our videos cover all bases, whether you are a total rookie or you have some knowledge and need to fill some gaps.



BarSupplies.com wants to make setting up your party as simple and affordable as possible. It doesn't matter whether you use a home bar or simply fold-up table, we will show you how to set up a proper cocktail station.


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