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BarConic® Glassware Guide

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Form vs Function
Gibraltar, tall, rocks, shooter, executive... For beginners, these terms can get confusing and run into each other, but it's much more simple when you break it all into two groups: Styles and Sizes.

Glassware Styles

Style is how the glass looks, and each style can encompass a large range of sizes. For example, with the classic Gibraltar glasses have eight lower facets with a smooth upper rim no matter what size. Ex. Gibraltar Shot, Gibraltar Rocks, Gibraltar Tall.
Gibraltar: Eight lower facets with rounded tops, and smooth upper area.
Executive: Five lower facets that blend into smooth upper area.
Regular/Smooth: "Plain" glasses with conical or cylindrical cross section.
Liberty: Smaller base flares below mid-section.

Basic Sizes

The Size of glasses can be influenced by usage. For example, Highball glasses are intended for medium-sized traditional highballs (alcohol plus mixer) and cocktails (mixed alcohols) and come in Gibraltar and Executive sizes.
In addition to these size types there are of course specialty glassware and stemware, usually intended for specific drinks (i.e. Cocktail or "Martini" Glass, Wine Glass, Beer Mug). See the guide below for details.
A Glass for Every Drink
Serving drinks in their proper glasses is a point of pride for many bartenders, however there is no strict guide and variations occur between on sources, regions, eras, and types of bars. Most establishments cannot afford every type of glass, and there are perhaps hundreds styles. Our collection covers the essentials and more. BarConic™ glassware types are represented below with their common uses, which make our line suitable for just about every kind of bar setting imaginable!
Shot Glass1 & 1.5 ounces. Available in many colors and styles. Typically, shots are single alcohol pours intended for drinking quickly. Priced low for very high demand.
Shooter Glass2 - 4 ounces. Available in short and tall. Typically used for mixed alcohol shooters or large shots. 2.5 ounce size and larger can be used as votives.
Rocks Glass6 - 8 ounces. Available in Executive and Gibraltar. Typically used for alcohols served in ice without mixers or shooters served "on the rocks".
Highball Glass8 - 10 ounces. Available in Executive, Gibraltar. Traditionally, highballs are single alcohols with a mixer on ice, although this is a very versatile glass.
Tall Glass11 - 15 ounces. Available in Executive, Gibraltar and Liberty. Versatile glass used for mixed drinks with ice, sodas, juices, and water.
BarConic® 16oz Mixing/Pub Glass 15 ounces. Used for mixing cocktails with a shaker, or as a glass for serving beer. Filled to the rim, this glass holds approximately one US Pint (16oz).
Beer Mug11 & 15 ounces. Available in two sizes and styles. Designed to serve cold draft beer or alongside a bottle. Glass is often chilled.
Wine Glass6 - 12 ounces. We carry three sizes. All-around red and white glasses, available in globular and bordeaux bulb shapes.
Cocktail Glass8 ounces. Commonly known as "Martini Glass" eponymously. Used for chilled, mixed cocktails without ice (martini, manhattan, cosmo).
Hurricane Glass15 ounces. An integral glass for tropical and tiki bars, commonly used for fruity drinks such as hurricanes, rum runners, and often mai tais.
Margarita Glass12 ounces. Designed for the classic margarita with salted rim. Occasionally used for daiquiris and even for serving appetizers and desserts.
Mason Jar Mug12 & 16 ounces. Available in medium and large. Growing in popularity, this mug is reminiscent of a pickling jar and used for all manner of drinks.

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