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Layering Guide

Layering drinks is a key skill for any bartender to posses. Your drinks and shots will not only look spectacular, but many drink enthusiasts argue that drink layering is necessary to achieve the proper flavor of many cocktails. Becoming good at this skill just takes a little patience, practice, and learning the densities of each liquor that you are using.

Basic Rules of Layering
Slow and Steady wins the race!
1. Place any garnish on the glass before you start, you don't want to disturb the layers after you are done.

2. Consult a gravity chart to determine the order the liquids should be poured. The heaviest (or highest density) should be poured first.

3. Never pour liquid directly on top of another liquid. Deflecting the liquid and pouring very slowly are the keys to layering. A bar spoon, ice, the side of the glass, or even a cherry can be used to accomplish this effect.

4. If you mess up the first time, discard or drink, and try again.

Tips: To change the specific gravity of a liqueur, you can add vodka to make it lighter, or sugar to make it heavier. Layered shots work even better when the ingredients are chilled.
Tools needed for layering
Presentation is everything! We carry all the tools you might need to layer a martini, shooter, cocktail, frozen drink, or even a beer. Get creative and make your cocktails beautiful!

Bar Spoon

A classic bar tool.

This essential bartending tool can be used for more then just stirring cocktails. Use the back of the bar spoon as a plane to disperse each liquid so it layers properly in the glass.

Black and Tan Spoon

Why not layer beer too?

This little spoon allows for great pours every time. The groove in the handle of the spoon creates an easy way for you to rest the spoon on the side of a pint glass. The size of this spoon also makes it a great tool for layering shooters or martinis.

STOALE™ Mingler - Black and Tan Tap

Perfect addition to any Guinness® tap.

Pour Black and Tans, half and halfs, black and blues perfect every time! This easy to use tool is a simple to use as flipping the rotating platform down, and opening up the tap. Never have an uneven pour again. Every bartender can become a master mixologist, and bar owners wont loose money on bad pours!

Commercial Blender

Create beautiful frozen drinks!

We suggest having two blenders for frozen cocktail layering, so you can blend both layers at the same time. Once you get the ratio of ice and liquids down, your frozen concoctions will go out to your guest looking extra extravagant! Just serve one, and watch how many people order the same thing!
Density Chart for liquors
Always remember- Add the most dense ingredients first!
  • Grenadine: 1.18
  • Creame de Cassis: 1.18
  • Anisette: 1.175
  • Créme de Almond: 1.16
  • Créme de Noyaux: 1.165
  • Créme de Banana: 1.14
  • Créme de Cacao: 1.14
  • White Créme de Cacao: 1.14
  • Coffee Liquor: 1.13
  • Parfrait d'Amour: 1.13
  • Cherry Liqueur: 1.12
  • Strawberry Liqueur: 1.12
  • Green Créme de Menthe: 1.12
  • White Créme de Menthe: 1.12
  • Blue Curacao: 1.11
  • Galliano: 1.11
  • Amaretto: 1.1
  • Blackberry Liquor: 1.1
  • Apricot Liquor: 1.09
  • Tia Maria: 1.09
  • Triple Sec: 1.09
  • Amaretto di Saranno: 1.08
  • Drambuie: 1.08
  • Frangelico: 1.08
  • Orange Curacao: 1.08
  • Benedictine D.O.M.: 1.07
  • Campari: 1.06
  • Apricot brandy: 1.06
  • Blackberry brandy: 1.06
  • Cherry brandy: 1.06
  • Peach brandy: 1.06
  • Yellow Chartreuse: 1.06
  • Bailey's Irish Cream: 1.05
  • Midori Melon Liquor: 1.05
  • Rock and Rye: 1.05
  • Benedictine: 1.04
  • Brandy: 1.04
  • Cointreau: 1.04
  • Kummel: 1.04
  • Peach Liqueur: 1.04
  • Peppermint Schnapps: 1.04
  • Sloe Gin: 1.04
  • Green Chartreuse: 1.01
  • Water: 1
  • Tuaca: 0.98
  • Southern Comfort: 0.97

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