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Wine Serving Guide

Wine service is one of the most important aspects in the serving industry because it's one of the best ways to make a statement to your guests.

Any type of bar or restaurant—from casual to upscale—can benefit from having their servers and bartenders properly trained in wine presentation. Proper presentation will help boost wine sales and customers will appreciate the respect you are showing for them and the bottle. Deliver service that is elegant and polished and your guests will leave with a positive impression of your establishment.
Basic Steps
Every bar owner and seasoned server will tell you they know the "right" way to serve wine, and we're not saying this guide is anything more than an all-purpose overview to get you started. Learn from veteran servers and always remember

Determine whether the bottle should be decanted.

Decanting a bottle of wine allows the flavors of the wine to be opened up to their fullest potential before being served. This is achieved by pouring the wine into a decanter before serving it to your guests. This processes is especially necessary for older red wines that tend to form sediment over time. If you need to decant the bottle, open it gently, then slowly pour the wine down the side of the decanter before pouring it into the wine glass of each guests.

Provide clean wine glasses to each guest that will be drinking at the table.

Microfiber Glassware Towels are perfect for removing any water spots on the glasses.

Present the bottle to the guest who ordered the bottle.

Be sure that the label is facing the person who ordered the bottle and announce the name of the wine and production year to make sure this is the correct bottle.

Remove the foil that covers the cork.

Most corkscrews have a knife built into the opener, but Foil Cutters (Blade) are also available. Place the foil in your apron or pocket; never leave it on the table.

Open the bottle.

Insert your corkscrew 3/4 of the way into the cork, and slowly pull it out of the bottle. Be sure to discreetly examine the cork of the bottle to make sure that it is in good condition. (If it's not a new bottle of wine might need to be considered) Present this cork to the ordering guest, some might choose to inspect it themselves.


Make sure the guest who ordered the bottle is happy with the flavor by pouring 1 oz of wine into their glass and letting them taste it. (Sparkling wines should be poured slowly against the inside of a wine glass, while still wine can be poured into the center of the glass.)

Serving the table.

Fill the other guests' glasses in a clockwise direction; always start by serving the ladies first. Glasses should be filled around 1/3 of the way full (but take into consideration how many guests are at the table and under pour if necessary to ensure everyone gets served a glass). Fill the guest who ordered the bottle last. A clean white towel can help to avoid dripping between pours.


White Wine.

White wine should be placed in a wine server or bucket to keep it at the proper temperature until the bottle is finished. Red wine can be placed on the table. A wine bottle coaster is great for keeping your tables clean.

Wine Doggy Bags.

These bags are sealable and perfect for letting your guests take home any unfinished wine bottles. Check with your local laws regarding traveling with wine take-home bags. They help increase sales of entire bottles over single glasses.

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