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Kitchen Utensils

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Wooden Handle UtensilsWood Handled Utensils
Bottle Opener / Can Punch
Stainless Steel Ladle
Cool Handles
Spring Tongs - Stainless Steel
Spring Tongs
From $1.26
Peeler w/ Stainless Steel BladePeeler w/ Stainless Steel Blade
Wire Skimmer
Wire Skimmer
From $2.40
Spring Tongs - Color Coded
Crown Serving Pieces
9" Offset Serrated Blade Knife
All Purpose Utility Knife - SerratedAll Purpose Utility Knife - Serrated
Pastry Brushes - Wooden Handle with Metal Bands
Wooden Spoons
Wooden Spoon
From $1.75
Kitchen Strainer w/ Wooden Handle
Heavy Duty Basting Spoons and ForkHeavy Duty Basting Spoons and Fork
Meat Thermometer - 2 inch dialMeat Thermometer - 2 inch dial
Save 80%
Stainless Steel Frozen Food Knife - 8" BladeStainless Steel Frozen Food Knife - 8" Blade
 Sprinkle Mesh Spoon - Stainless Steel Sprinkle Mesh Spoon - Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel WhipsStainless Steel Whips
Basting Spoons - Stainless SteelBasting Spoons - Stainless Steel
Basting Spoons
From $0.81
Heat Resistant Scrapers
Food Service Cutlery Bin

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