Bottle Openers are one of the most important tools in a bartender's arsenal. But, with so many different kinds which one is the right one for you?

While they all do same bottles of course. Different style openers are also designed and meant for specific purposes, so here are some of differences explained. Hopefully this will make your purchasing decisions a lot easier. Whether you are a home bartender or a professional bartender, we have a bar key that you will love.

Bottle Opener Basics

These bottle openers range from classic bartender tools to more new aged bartender tools.

Standard Speed Bottle Opener

The Speed Opener

The Speed Bottle Opener is one of the first openers designed specifically for bartenders. This opener is a classic. The design of this opener allows you to get easy leverage and quickly remove the cap from a bottle. The double cut edges of this opener allow you to open a bottle from either side. The shape is a perfect fit for your pocket too. We also offer our speed openers in Neon Versions, Vinyl Versions, Glitter, and our brand new original "Metallic" Version.
V-Rod Bottle Opener

The V-Rod® Opener

V-Rod® Bottle Openers are the ideal bartender bottle opener or the "liquor friendly" bottle opener. We are the original creators of this amazing tool that does more than just open beer. It was designed to be more ergonomic then the classic speed opener. The opener end is exactly the same as the speed opener, but the ring end has an extra notch for easy removal of stubborn liquor pour spouts out of bottles like Jagermeister® or Bacardi Limon®.
Dog Bone Bottle Opener

The Dogbone Opener

The Dogbone Bottle Opener style was developed as an alternative to the regular speed opener also. The handle was made a bit thinner than the speed opener to allow for a better grip similar to the V-Rod® Opener. If you prefer to have a spinner ring on your opener, then this is a great choice for you.(Psst...Spinner rings come FREE with all of our dogbones!) Be aware Knuckle Poppers and Dog Bones are not magnetic like our other openers.
Mini Bottle Opener

The Mini Opener

Mini Bottle Opener are great small sized bottle opener. These are also the lightest bottle opener, perfect for ladies with little pockets. If you need a bottle opener for a kitchen drawer or to keep in your purse, this opener is a great option as well. These openers only measure 4.25" long so you can take this one anywhere.
Knuckle Popper Bottle Opener

The Knuckle Popper

The unique design of the Knuckle Popper Bottle Opener really allows you to get a good grip around the opener. The cut-outs allow your fingers to wrap around the opener. The small size of this opener is perfect to throw in your pocket. Be aware Knuckle Poppers and Dog Bones are not magnetic like our other openers.
Hammerhead Bottle Opener


Open two beer bottles at one time! The HAMMERHEAD™ opener will speed up your beer service and is a great novelty or gift item. The solid handle allows for easy leverage on the two beer bottles. This is one macho bottle opener for sure. They make great Groomsman gifts and can be customized at
StrainBlade Bottle Opener  

StrainBlade® Opener

If you spend time looking for a cocktail strainer, then this tool will save you some time. The StrainBlade® opener has a strainer built right into the opener! It also has a convenient indentation on the top of the opener that allows you to easily get under can tabs and open them without hurting your finger nails.