Cocktail Garnish

It is strongly believed by many psychologists that visual presentation of food and beverage plays a large role in our liking or disliking a food dish or cocktail. Plus, cocktails look so much more professional and impressive served along with a beautiful garnish. A simple recipe can be made to look extravagant with the right embellishments! Choose between using wedges, wheels, half-moons, stuffed olives, cherries, or whipped cream to perfectly compliment your particular cocktail.

Basic Garnishing Tools

Presentation is everything! We carry everything you need to create simple garnishes to everything needed for classy sophisticated garnishes. Up your liquor sells by sending out beautifully decorated cocktails that every customer will see and want to order as well.

Citrus Zester

Fruit Zester

Get extreme fruit flavor.

A fruit zester is used primarily to remove the peel easily from citrus fruit and sometimes vegetables. Since extreme flavor is packed into the skin of the fruit, this can really amp up your drink's flavor. We carry two types, the grater or the regular fruit zester! Spark any ideas, maybe lemon zest in a lemon drop martini?
Fruit Knife

Fruit Knife with Fork Tip

Two tools in one.

Cut your fruit and pick it up sanitarily with this bar tool. This quality knife with stainless steel blade is just the right size for cutting fruit into wedges, half-moons, or wheels. This tool is great for small jobs, but if you have larger jobs to do you might want to try the 9" Offset Serrated Knife
Lemon Lime Peeler

Lemon Lime Peeler

Serve it with a twists!

Get attractive garnishes for martinis, fruity cocktails, or even add a hint of flavor to a beer. This tool is so simple to use, all you need to do is hold it by the wooden handle, apply the peeler blade down against the fruit's skin and turn the fruit in a circular fashion. The peeler will produce a beautiful spiral that will beautifully accent your cocktail and give it a zesty aroma.
Wide citrus Peeler

Wide Citrus Peeler/Zester

Not just for peeling potatoes anymore.

If you would like more flavorful citrus oils add to your cocktails, then wider zests are the answer. This tools allows you to make long and wide spirals for a Crusta or peel the entire fruit into a spiral to make a Horse's Neck! Lighting the peels on fire looks amazing and brings out even more flavor from the oil(proceed with much caution if you do try this and never leave it burning too long you don't want to injure anyone, it is also wise to be trained by a professional before trying).
Olive Stuffer

Olivator Olive Stuffer

Make little tasks simpler!

How can your customers resist blue cheese stuffed olives? The perfect addition to a dirty martini. This little tool will make stuffing olives a breeze.
Garnish Tray

Garnish Condiment Holder

All-in-one garnish storing solution.

Now that you have cut all of those beautiful garnishes, you'll need a place to store them so they'll stay nice and fresh and ready to use! This garnish center not only holds fruit, but has room for ice at the bottom. It also has snap on side caddies perfect for holding straws, cocktail picks, umbrella parasols, or any other embellishments.
Umbrella Cocktail Picks

Parasol Umbrella Drink Picks

Make drinks a little more fun!

What is a tropical cocktail without a little umbrella for garnish? A Pina Colada, Mai Tai, or hurricane just isn't complete until it is topped off with this embellishment. Stock up your tiki bar today, especially since we offer these at a great price.
Dessert Whips  

Dessert Whips

A little extra goes a long way!

Fresh whipped cream is the perfect touch on top of a frozen or hot cocktail. Plus the dessert whip is is all natural and stays fresh with no preservatives in the refrigerator for up to 10 days! Add a splash of green creme de menthe to a Irish coffee topped with whipped cream that your guests will love!